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Do You Believe Your Mind Can Help You Heal CNN Achor Zain Verjee does

By Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D. D.Div., PSc.D. on Mon, January 20, 2014
 Do You Believe Your Mind Can Help You Heal CNN Achor Zain Verjee does

Recently Zain Verjee a CNN reporter disclosed her heartfelt struggle to cover up her shame with a skin dissease that preoccupied most or her life.  He recounted that she finally realized that she needed to go within and work with her mind to heal herself and give up fighting the disease.  What an inspiration to us all. Zain Verjee article 

I so appreciate her transparency. And she truly has courageously broken free of the veil of shame and mind separation barrier.

In META Health we look at skin disorders as a need for protection and/or unresolved grief issues with loss and separation pending if its the dermis or epidermal layer. The skin acts like a protection as well as can be a way of physically connecting with others. (see New German Medicine and META Health Research) Perfectionism can certainly bump it up another level with self hate and inflame the process.

I also suffered from Psoriasis early in my youth. I never knew what it was till I had a room mate, in college, who told me and showed me he had a severe case of it. I looked at his rash in total shock. I was so traumatized, the next morning when I woke up and saw my own dry rash on my hands and arm that and decided I wasn't going to end up like my roommate. I looked at the blisters on my hands and arm and went into prayer and with deep conviction gave it over to Holy Spirit saying "I love people and I love Connecting with people." "Come Holy Spirit take this from me"

Once I felt the rash was gone, I also asked Spirit to give me Healing Earth Nurturing Energy to replace the dry patches of redness. I surrender it all completely and deeply. The next morning I woke up rash free and haven't had it since. I am convinced in the power of the Mind with a connection to Spirit is a valid healing path to recovery. I've done the same when I was diagnosed with skin cancer later in my life (now cancer free).

I've seen countless cases healed through self healing techniques. I've committed my life helping others become integrated with their mind, body, spirit. Thank you again and blessings to you for who you are and all you have given us.

Timothy Ryan, Ph.D. META Health Practitioner and Mind Body Holistic Energy Healer. Newport Beach CA

Dr Timothy J. Ryan, has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Divinity. He is a META Health Practitioner,  Life Coach, Holistic Energy Healer, Minister and Intuitive Individual and Family Counselor trained in many disciplines. He specialize in individual Health and Wellness and couples counseling.  He holds Diplomate Status at Tha American Psychotherapy Association and The American Association of Integrative Medicine. 

He is best known for his ability to  remove energy blocks for greater health, wealth, and relationship satisfaction. He incorporates META Communication, META Health and Healing Principles and practices with Psychotherapy, Integrated Energy Healing with Clinical Depth Hypnosis for optimum stress reduction and transformation. Dr Timothy Ryan Web site:

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