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NLP, Hypnosis, Matrix Reimprining the Perfect Match for Success

By Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D. D.Div., PSc.D. on Fri, January 24, 2014

NLP, Hypnosis, and Matrix Reimprinting The Perfect Match for Success

What comes to mind when you imagine living your “best life”? Is it a more fulfilling job, more satisfying personal relationships, or living with more balance? Many of us are caught in a cycle of destructive self-talk, the burden of old emotional pain, or even relationships or jobs that are not meeting our needs.

Your best life begins by looking inward undefined to uncover the thinking, communication habits, or lingering pain that keeps you from experiencing the life you want.

What if you could transform the internal dialogue and destructive negative thinking and start living an empowered life free of self-judgment? Imagine having the skills to connect to your needs in the moment, and know how to ask for what you want more effectively. Wouldn’t life be more fulfilling if you could finally heal from old pain and begin to live the life you choose?

 If you've ever wondered why some people are successful in life while others endure a life of suffering, with constant frustration and failure?

If you've ever wanted to be one of the select group who actually get to live their dreams?


Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Matrix Reimprinting with hypnosis and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) are the most powerful personal change techniques available today. 

Oprah Winfrey, Anthony Robbins, Bill Gates and hundreds of other global leaders use NLP to maximize their resourcefulness and achieve astonishing results?

But for many without the energy or tools, they only experience their life as stuck in a cycle of disappointing results leading to repeated loss of  energy and emotional/mental well-being.  This downward spiral not only sets up future bad habits but also drain the will to be motivated to succeed.  

With this combination of mind, body, energy downward spiral, individuals have learned to go against themselves so much that they think this is who they are.  If you cross your arms a certain way for most of your life, it's a habit.  You've become use to it and perhaps identified with it (It's the way I am).  Crossing your arms any other way doesn't feel right to you.  Its outside your comfort zone.  For many,  habits become unconscious mind sets.  (the way I am)

These mental emotional behavioral habits have not been question because like crossing their arms  these habits are out of one's awareness.  For those who know they have undesirable habits, emotions or beliefs they have learn to just tolerate them. They only accept them because there has not been an effective way to change. 

They have resigned to put up with them and live with discouragement because they didn't have anything to take the place of it.


Using a combination of skills to address your "energetic matrix" (mind, body and behavior experiences) as well as tapping into you unconscious past experiences and address wounded parts from your past), can actually free you from all  mind, body heart limitations to move forward with new way of thinking, feeling and acting.  A zone free of mental baggage. 

You would be able to enjoy the same positive outcomes and enjoy an exciting life of having good things just like successful leaders do and you can even have  better success once you become skillful in using these powerful transformative tools.By leaning how to use NLP, Matrix Reimprinting with  EFT, and Hypnosis, you  claim the life you know you want but up until now consciously or unconsciously may not have believed was possible. 

Most of us have difficulty realizing our dreams because only 12% of our life purpose is ruled by our conscious mind.  Approximately 88% is ruled by our sub-conscious mind which contains many unconscious programs and  limiting beliefs with self defeating emotions and personal negative habit patterns.  NLP helps you break out of old patterns and transform them into new beliefs, emotions and habits to  improve relationships, heal childhood wounds and remove blocks and obstacles in life.

We now know that  88% of our life is run by unconscious programming.  These tapes or limiting beliefs surrounded by negative energy patterns run on auto pilot until we find a way to intervene and correct them.   Children under twelve years of age have not developed the ability to abstract.  They interpret everything personally as totally about themselves.  Decisions are made on the spot and get stuck in an energy pattern ie. Mom wasn't there to comfort me"  I must be bad, unlovable, can't get my needs met etc.

To a baby or young child even something as seemingly minor as being left alone for any period of time can be perceived as life threatening.  In addition to the experience of early trauma, ie.  "Mom left me alone" tends to project into a repeated future trauma "Everyone leaves me."

Seen in this light it makes sense to believe that the majority of individuals raised in less than perfect homes have experienced one or more events in their life that they  perceived as traumatic, ultimately resulting in the creation of a self fulfilling prophesy.

Neuro-linguistic a set of guiding principles, attitudes, and techniques that encompasses the three most influential components involved in producing human experience: neurology, language and programming (the automatic behavior patterns leading to success. 

NLP is a set of precision communication tools designed to give individuals more choices and a greater degree of control in both their professional and personal lives.

Used in coaching, the goal of NLP is to reduce the client’s distress, resolve problems, increase self-esteem, and provide a heightened sense of power over the self in all environments.

NLP teaches practical principles and tools to transform limiting emotions and behavior patterns into greater confidence an

d states of excellence.  This includes learning a set of empowering beliefs and presuppositions about what human beings are, and how communication works to achieve a desired result.

NLP has proven principles and skills to change your negative habits and create new ones along with beliefs that give you success. 

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques allow you to literally tap into new energy resources and take care of the negative charge or drain on your energy system that zaps your energy and also keeps you from success.  By tapping on energy centers called meridians, you can send a message to the brain to disconnect anxiety, stress and numerous fears and faulty beliefs. 

Matrix Reimprinting and extension of EFT and applied to one's history or "Matrix" in combination NLP and Hypnosis transforms the pockets of childhood pain into new mental, emotional and energy resources.  You get to go back, freeze the painful incident,  tap on the child in the tramatic situation and release the pain. 

You can also correct the beliefs by helping the child gain insight into the reality of the moment ie. Mom didn't really leave me."  Mom really does love me or be able to have closure with Mom for the incident.These techniques combined can help you finally rewrite your past and trade all that limitation and suffering for empowerment. 

Up until now, you gave into your unconscious beliefs because you didn't know you had a choice. You may have even thought you were just unlucky or destined to repeat failure in one or more areas of your wealth, health and relationships. You didn't know how to change them because you didn't have effective tools. 

In a recent study in Orange County, California over half of all the singles stated that they had given up dating because of repeated disappointment. Matrix Reimprinting using The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) iwith NLP and Hypnosis are a powerful combination of tools that gently and rapidly release unconscious negative blocks. 

These blocks are the unconscious self-fulfilling beliefs as well as negative energy charge strored in the body leading to stressful emotional reactions which also limit your success.


Our training program offer simple, effective communication and personal growth skills that will transform your thinking and your life. Each practical idea and skill you learn with help you foster the healthy, satisfying relationships you’ve always wanted undefined beginning with your relationship with yourself.  

These state of the art skills can gently show you how to overcome your blocks and transform them. These skills are easy to learn and and you can see results in a few sessions. 

Finally there is a way to help you change unwanted patterns in profoundly self empowering and creative ways, often bringing resolution and deep healing with lasting change.If you?ve ever been confused and wondered why you have irrational fears, self sabotaging behaviors and limiting core beliefs, now you can get answers and resolve these issues quickly. 

Matrix Reimprinting, EFT,  Hypnosis and NLP provide a powerful and effective combination of tools to finally erase your old tapes and free you. Now you have the means experience your life in an entirely new successful way.   You can connect with the energy resources to  adopt habits to give you new experiences, beliefs to succeed. 

Now is the time to say "enough is enough!"  With tools you can become your natural flowing resourceful self  to be the best you,  have the  best relationship along with the best life with all the  happiness you deserve.

Anyone participating in this comprehensive and experiential learning process will reach a heightened sense of personal power and effectiveness in creating exactly what they consciously and unconsciously declare.

Dr Timothy J Ryan, Ph.D. D.Div. has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Divinity.  He Holds Diplomate status at the American Psychotherapy Association, The American Association for Integrative Medicine and The Pastoral Medical Association, as well as Many others.  He is a Board Certified  META Health and META Healing Practitioner, Hypnosis Instructor, Relationship Expert, and N.L.P. Trainer. 

He is a Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and EFT Master Practitioner.  He has been the Director, Counselor and Workshop Facilitator for AIWP Miracles Ministry since 1994.   He is also certified in many leading state of the art transformational techniques.including Hypnotherapy, Health and Wellness and Meridian Therapies Training.  He Practices as a Licensed Pastoral Psychotherapist and  is a Board Certified Holistic Integrative META Healing Practitioner. For more information  see Dr. Timothy Ryan WEB SITE


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