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Find Perfect Peace with Security With Holistic Integrative Pastoral Psychotherapy

By Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D. D.Div., PSc.D. on Fri, January 24, 2014
Find Perfect Peace with Security With Holistic Integrative Pastoral Psychotherapy

A new day has come to rejoice in having a 21st Century Mind/Body/Spirit Psychotherapy. More than ever before, humanity has reached a time when it is not only possible but absolutely necessary to wake up from our dream of separation and self destructive patterns.

Fortunately, more than ever before, we now have the tools to enable our souls to awaken and come together and take our lives and our planet to the next level. Gratefully, many have already participated in Holistic Integrative Pastoral Psychotherapy (HIPP) and discovered their own SOUL-UTION, to their problems. HIPP is a comprehensive theory and practice which can meet everyone's deepest existential needs for meaning and purpose as well as give them practical tools to alleviate stress and conflict and apply practical techniques to their their daily lives.

Today Pastoral psychotherapy has become a major provider of mental health services in this country, accounting for over 3 million hours of treatment annually. As an evolution and integration of many theories, Holistic Integrative Pastoral Psychotherapy (HIPP) has evolved to encompass the latest, state of the art, cutting edge, comprehensive system of mind, body and spirit psychotherapy to help us wake up and free ourselves from our limited self- defeating, compartmentalized view of life and ourselves being helplessly stuck in it.

Today science, spirituality, psychotherapy and religion have come together expressing a united understanding of the best of their individual teachings int a comprehensive system and understanding of the nature of man. To understand the particle we look not at the particle but the field of consciousness. (Albert Einstein) With the latest understanding of Awakened Religion and Quantum Physics,

Humanity is now seen as an extension of consciousness with the power of integration or disintegration. We have a choice now more than ever before to know our true nature as whole complete beings with unlimited creative possibilities without limitation - this is the new spirituality.

Science and Awakened Religion finally agree that humanity is an extension of a higher intelligence whether you call it God, Higher Power or the Field doesn't matter. Science and Spirituality have come together as an integrative system embodying the study of the whole person.

Holistic Integrative Pastoral Psychotherapy now aligned with quantum physics focuses removing blocks to the awareness of our True Nature as a whole person with unlimited possibilities and interconnected with all other living systems.

Today we have an answer to suffering as an idea of separation with a limiting viewpoint. The purpose of science, psychotherapy, religion and spirituality is to teach us to know our true nature and return to our wholeness. HIPP sees suffering as living in limiting conceptual viewpoints (pain bodies) with numerous physical, mental, and emotional blocks separating us from our being integrated and aligned with God and with our mind, body and heart knowing their is only one Source.

We now have state of the art tools to bring our separated, fragmented and conflicted selves back into alignment. We now have tools to help us return to wholeness. Pastoral psychotherapy with META Healing and Energy Work teaches a new perspective on Health, Wealth and Relationships helping individuals, couples, parents and children integrate their mind, body and spirit in such a way to allow awakening to reality and living a more inspired, fulfilling and energized life.


Is Stress (Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Guilt) Eating Up More And More Of Your Life?

Do You Have Physical Symptoms That Don't Go Away?

Are You in a Life Transition and Struggling to Stay Focused?

Are You Stuck and/or Struggling With Emotional Wounds from the Past?

Are You Needing Support To Remove Blocks and Move On?

Do You Want More Quality, Fulfillment and Peace of Mind Regarding Your Health, Wealth And Relationship?

Would You Like Skills to to Become Free of Recurring Sabotage Patterns and Experience Greater Meaning and Purpose

Who Would You Be Without Your Story

Evidence from psychological sciences suggests that the majority of people use only a fraction of their potential creativity and intelligence due to stress and emotional mental shutdown from repressive conditioning. HIPP believes that for individuals and cultures to experience true fulfillment and make unique contributions to the needs of our others, they need to transcend ego-centric and separatist judgmental viewpoints.

We have grown up to think rationally and be responsible for our choices yet only a small percentage of our life is controlled by our rational minds. It's been estimated that as much as eighty-eight percent of our lives is controlled by our unconscious mind Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy recognizes that emotional traumas and triggers over ride our rational thinking and become unconscious programing with powerful instinctual drives such as fight /flight/freeze mechanisms.

When we are run by unconscious survival adaptations (fight flight freeze programs), we loose our ability to have conscious choice or to be responsive to have better outcomes. Anyone who has experienced fear of death has been confronted with a life threatening situations knows rationality has nothing to do with it. You can not think your symptoms away.

All human beings have needs that are not only rooted in survival but also needs for community,(love, affection, belonging) identity(need for self-respect and being respected by others), and self Actualization (finding meaningful connection and purpose beyond self). We teach you how to connect with the deepest part of you and work with your unconscious mind to enjoy more fullness with your conscious mind.

What is Needed Today In these fast changing and troubled times, more and more people are seeking to better understand themselves from a larger context. Traditional Counseling and Psychotherapy can take years dissecting life into pieces and may not change anything. Many are turning away from trying to fill their emptiness with external things discovering it only leads to greater unhappiness. Many people are disillusioned with the drive for money and status and being held hostage by corrupt institutions.

People are waking up and realizing their external structures such as the present monetary system and political religious and corporate institutions, have become self serving with little interest or ability to promote one's quality of life. In today's fast pace society, people need to cut through the maze of psychology and gain something that allows them to move on in greater alignment with the intelligence and love of the Universe and live their life with greater freedom and ease. Whether you are stuck in your body with a heath challenge, your relationships with an emotional challenge or your career with a financial challenge, we can help you break free and move on.

HIPP can help you learn skills and and give you perspective that you can put into practice and use right away to improve all aspects of your life. Today more and more people are seeking spiritual understanding and spiritual SOUL-UTIONS to their Mind, Body Relationship issues.

Present day research suggests that we are controlled more by our conscious values than our genes or past limiting beliefs. We have a greater desire today than ever before to WAKE UP. People are seeking greater meaning and purpose by seeking help to understand their soul purpose and regain a spiritual connection to life. Seeing your life from a larger perspective allows you to affirm what matters most in life.

Many are turning within for guidance from experts in spiritual counseling and psychotherapy. Today, more than ever, people are questioning all forms of external conditioning and seeking guidance to navigate their daily affairs with a different compass that offers intrinsic value and practical skills to help guide them..

Many today need and want more from their ministers, counselors and therapist than just a confessional or to rehash their problems over and over again without resolution. More and more people today are seeking a spiritual solution and gain understanding of themselves and their relationships from a broader perspective. Pastoral Psychotherapy today, puts the Soul and Spirit back into the original meaning of psychotherapy (The study and service of the Soul).

Unlike traditional psychotherapists, Pastoral Psychotherapist support a spiritual perspective. They help you not only to understand the meaning of your problems but also shift your life pattern to live from a larger perspective. Pastoral Psychotherapists are ordained persons with graduate training in theology and psychology. They respect all religious belief and see all religious path as an attempt to discover the Divine. Because they are trained in spirituality and psychology along with numerous other modalities they are also able to provide a unique perspective on individual psychotherapy, and marriage, family, and child therapy.

What is Holistic Integrative Pastoral Psychotherapy HIPP

Holistic Integrative Pastoral Psychotherapy (HIPP) is the therapy of the twenty first century working with the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual energy to gain deep personal insight, transformation.  HIPP helps us  to rediscover our true nature as whole integrated and interconnected with all of life. It embraces and applies the latest findings from Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Epigeneitcs, Energy Psychology, Behavioral Psychology and Spiritual Healing and Transformation Principles and Practices.

(HIPP) believes that each individual possesses a wealth of undiscovered underdeveloped talents, strengths, assets, and resources however these inherent gifts and assets have been covered up with parental, cultural and institutional conditioning. We have become disconnected to our true nature and purpose. With new discoveries of science, Energy Psychology and spirituality,

Pastoral Psychotherapy has picked up where traditional psychotherapy has failed by becoming a holistic integrative mind, body, spirit psychotherapy. It combines and integrates the latest findings from: Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy, Systems Theory, Behavioral Sciences, Neuroscience, Quantum Physics and Spiritual Psychology.

Holistic Integrative Pastoral Psychotherapy (HIPP) combines science with energy healing tools with spiritual principles and consciousness raising techniques to help you quickly and effectively release blocks and empower and transform all aspects of your life.

Pastoral Psychotherapists are ordained persons with graduate training in theology and psychology. They respect all religious belief and see all religious path as an attempt to discover the Divine. Because they are trained in spirituality and psychology along with numerous other modalities they are also able to provide a unique perspective on individual psychotherapy, and marriage, family, and child therapy. HIPP has also embraces the exciting field of Energy Psychology and supports a return to Spiritual Healing as a legitimate Practice. According to research gathered by Phoenix State University,

The astonishing thing is that, when compared to traditional treatment with prescription drugs, PhD Psychology, etc., the recidivism and success rate of Pastoral Counselors is over TWO TIMES as successful as conventional psychotherapy in many cases.

Alcoholics Anonymous or AA is also a is a good example: the "higher power" and other steps of the program are far more successful than traditional approaches to sobriety, as proven by numerous research studies.”The practice of pastoral psychotherapy like science has made significant advances in the last twenty years. IF YOU WANT A FAST TRACT TO


Discover A Fast Track to Greater Peace and Fulfillment.

Now is the time to learn gentle skills that You Can Use Right Away to improve "All Aspects Of Your Life." In as little as six sessions, you can learn how to release stress, resolve conflict and achieve success in All Areas of Your Life. By making an appointment with a HIPP Practitioner, you will have just taken the first step to working with yourself from the largest vantage point rather than getting caught up on bits and pieces of yourself without knowing the broader perspective. HIPP can help you realize the life you were meant to have.

You can say good bye to being overwhelmed and use your stress as a doorway to broader perspectives and more enhanced states of consciousness. See More about Dr. Ryan at Psychology Today ~ Wherever you are in relationship to Yourself, Others and Life You will find acceptance, support and skill training with a wealth of opportunity and practice for enrichment and personal growth.

The majority of Pastoral Psychotherapists do not preach or teach religion and believe you do not have to be religious to benefit from Pastoral Psychotherapy. Pastoral Psychotherapy aims to help individuals, couples parents and children understand their behavior and see themselves from a larger context.

Pastoral Psychotherapist are concern with needs or values and help clients tap into their spiritual energy resources and gain psychological understanding for healing and growth. Today Pastoral psychotherapy has become a major provider of mental health services in this country, accounting for over 3 million hours of treatment annually. It is offered throughout the United States specializing in individual, group, marital, and family therapy. See (

The majority of Pastoral psychotherapist do not preach or teach religion and believe you do not have to be religious to benefit from Pastoral Psychotherapy HIPP seeks to share a better understanding of the whole person. HIPP believes that religious and societal fear and judgmental conditioning has impeded the persnal growth of individuals and has limited their true capacities for fulfillment.

By connecting to the present moment and developing greater awareness of our thoughts, beliefs and particular injunctions, we can challenge "shoulds," and judgmental "have to" programing driven by fear and guilt. With awareness training, we can become more intrinsic spiritually guided rather the externally ego driven /oriented and note the impact of ego confirmatory and ego gratification thinking on our life as well as our physical, emotional, spiritual body. With awareness and discernment training, we can correct childhood wounding, societal and even religious injunctions which promote fear and judgmental practices.

In The Last 20 Years There Have Been Quantum Leaps and Insights into the Field of Science, Neuro science, Psychotherapy, and Spirituality- Holistic Integrative Pastoral Psychotherapy Embodies it All And is Transformative and Healing.


1. Cognitive Behavioral Psychology has given individuals tools to confront their cognitive distortions, immature black and white thinking and gain choice over reactive behavior and limiting thoughts and emotions.

2. Energy Psychology has shown how ancient Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture can reduce stress quickly and dramatically to return the individual to balance and optimum physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

3. Imago Therapy has made an enormous contribution, with its attention to childhood wounds and shadow work, has helped clients to look at their partnerships as soul contracts for healing.

4. Nonviolent Communication and Compassionate Dialogue has help individual's connect with the energy of aliveness by focusing on feelings and needs.

5. NLP Time Line Therapy helping to understand the nature of intention, mental filters, sub modalities and their powerful impact to create positive outcomes.

6. Matrix Reimprinting with its use of Energy Psychology and its understanding of healing past trauma by going back in time to release heal and restore injured parts of us.

7. New understandings of Theology and Spirituality in moving from separatism and dogmatic thinking to all inclusive universality and the Power of Love.

8. Quantum Physics has shown the power of consciousness and unlimited possibilities in that life doesn’t happen to us but through us.

9. Pastoral Medical Psychotherapy and Meta Medicine supporting clients to take personal responsibility and learn skills for mind, body spirit healing.

HIPP postulates that individuals are program to attract good things into your life however when unconscious negative programs are running, individuals are disconnected from their source and power to extend positive manifestation. Pastoral Psychotherapist help you to reconnect and come into alignment with the energy of your highest values.

When there are no negative programs running and you know how to re-energize your body mind energy system with spiritual values ie. Love, Peace, Joy etc. you will be free to manifest the relationship of your dreams and success in all areas of your life.

HIPP seeks to empower the individual, or couple for growth toward wholeness and full expression in all of the seven interdependent aspects of life.

1. Understanding one’s true nature in relation to egoic mind to gain more focus, clarity and discernment.

2. Skill sets to revitalize one’s body to be self connected, grounded and energized.

3. Skill sets to live out of authenticity, integrity and self-responsible presences to renew and enrich one’s intimate relationships.

4. Deepening one’s relationship with nature and the biosphere.

5. Growth in relationship to the significant institutions in one’s life.

6. The ability to be self sustaining by deepening and drawing inspiration from one’s relationship and understanding of God.

7. Understanding How Spiritual Values lead to personal healing, greater fulfillment and enrichment of life.



The mission of HIPP is to help the individual client to learn skills to unblock the underlying energy disturbances which are the root cause of physical, mental emotional and spiritual problems in life. Rather than spend hours talking and reciting the injustices of life, HIPP and Energy Healers alike use techniques get straight to the heart of the stress based problems.

They apply the latest insights from quantum physics to a holistic understanding of the individual with stuck mental emotional energy blocks but with unlimited and unbounded spiritual energy inspiration (to be filled with spirit) possibilities going beyond human conditioning.

Any approach to true happiness, health and well-being to be truly successful must include the Mind, Body and Spirit. Call today to Find Perfect Peace and Security by Integrating Your Mind, Body and Spirit with Holistic Integrative Pastoral Psychotherapy (HIPP).


Timothy Ryan has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Divinity and Diplomate in Pastoral Science. He has been the Director, Counselor and Workshop Facilitator for AIWP Miracles Ministry since 1994. He is also certified in many leading state of the art transformational techniques.including Hypnotherapy, Health and Wellness and Meridian Therapies Training. He Practices as a Licensed Pastoral Medical Psychotherapist and is a Board Certified Holistic Integrative META Healing Practitioner.

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