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QNRT Certification June 23- 24 Bloomington MN

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Title QNRT Certification June 23- 24 Bloomington MN
Price 1,150.00 Coupon code (PMA 17) for $100.00 off
Location Courtyard Marriott
7800 Bloomington Ave
Bloomington, Mn 55425

Level One
Tags Emotional Release



Discover The Power of QNRT 

 Discover what practitioners and clients are raving about...

Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy (QNRT) is a unique Neurological Therapy created by Dr. John Turner that involves comprehensive neurological evaluation techniques which identify specific adverse emotional events or triggers that have imprinted in a person's brain. These adverse events lock into the nervous system and memory and create files that direct how people feel and think about certain events. These adverse events result in not only emotional and behavioral problems but also manifest themselves in our physical bodies in the form of pain and other physical and debilitating conditions. 

As a QNRT practitioner you will be able to read a person's neurology and determine specific emotional and physical information about them including details about the type of adverse event, the situation and the age it occurred without the client revealing the information to you.    

As a certified QNRT practitioner you will learn to activate the nervous system and re- set the way your client’s brain responds to emotional triggers.

See what our QNRT Seminar attendees are saying:

  • "Integrating QNRT into my counseling practice has doubled my referrals". J.A,. MN

  • "QNRT has significantly increased my bottom line.  My clients are getting amazing results and referring their friends and family for QNRT.  The QNRT seminar experience is incredible; one amazing demonstration after another. While learning QNRT, Dr. Turner and his staff provide continual support and consultation along the way giving you all the tools you need to be successful."   A.G., GA

  • " After  40 years of looking for an effective way to treat the emotional side of the triangle, this is the  most effective.  I highly recommend QNRT! L.H. IL

  • "The 2015 QNRT Seminar gave me all the tools, science based research, support, and hands on practice to successfully integrate QNRT into my established counseling practice.  Since integrating QNRT, my clients have had a significant reduction in their mental health symptoms and are able to address the underlying issues efficiently and effectively".  J.A. MN

  • "The cost  of  training was so low compared to how my income has gone up with this practice"  W.K., MN

  • "During the seminar, I was amazed at the accuracy with which Dr. Turner was able to read the neurology and describe events in people's lives without knowing anything about them.   Implementing QNRT has changed our practice.  Clients are getting results with QNRT when nothing else works".  We are now busier than ever.  A.T, GA

  • "I was able to put QNRT into practice the day I got back to work from the first seminar and got results right away. I am so busy now and have so many more referrals sometimes doing 15 resets a day.  I am so glad I can get to the real root cause of patients physical and emotional problems." W. K. MN

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