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Practitioner Dr. Will Hawkins Jr. in Houston TX

Dr. Will Hawkins Jr.

Health Practitioner
Houston, Texas 77088

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Advanced BioStructural Correction 0
Alternative Nutrition 0
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Auditory Processing- Brain Function 0
Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique 0
Bio-Magnetics 0
Brain Training 0
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Christian Counseling 0
Color Therapy 0
Core Strengthening 0
Counseling - General Health 0
Counseling - Mental Health 0
Counseling - Nutrition 0
Counseling - Spiritual 0
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Energy Work 0
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Flower Essences 0
Functional Health & Wellness 0
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Pastoral Medicine 0
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Prayer Inner Healing 0
Prenatal/Postnatal 0
Professional Health Supplements 0
Regression Therapy 0
Restorative 0
Retreat Centers 0
Rife Therapy 0
Soundhealer 0
Spiritual 0
Sports Nutrition 0
Stress Reduction 0
Synergy 0
Tantra 0
Telephone Consulting 0
Therapy devices 0
Theta Healing 0
Weight Control 0
Wellness Centers 0
Women's Health 0
Wound Care 0
Zero Balancing 0


Dr Hawkins on energy medicine the medicine of the future

Posted: 03/15/2017

The Kemetic Power Station raises cellular voltage and heals the spirit anatomy, balancing mind body and spirit. You can actually see the healing light radiating from the body...

Regaining wholeness with the Kemetic Power Station

Posted: 03/15/2017

Dr.s, Nurses and Athletes attest to the overall healing capacity of the Kemetic Power Station! Healing the WHOLE PERSON...

The Kemetic Power Station & The power of biophotons

Posted: 03/15/2017

Healing the spiritual anatomy and ultimately the physical body can be accomplished with light/plasma, sound and color, simply because YOU ARE LIGHT! To book your session or to order the KPS visit

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Dr. Will Hawkins Jr.
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